With a global network of offices and a range of specialist companies we are always on the lookout for new colleagues and new start up or growth investments.

Our companies have offices in:

Sydney - Melbourne - Auckland - Wellington - Singapore - San Francisco - London

Our roles include:

Executive Search Consultants - Specialist Recruitment Consultants - Account Managers - Research Consultants - Principal Consultants

IN 2011

We funded and supported the start up of Technology People Group

Technology People Group

We bring executive search methodology to our specialist sectors. We engage with clients from the ASX top 50 to our industry’s most innovative and disruptive start ups.

We tailor our services into three core offerings; Search, Contracting and Projects.

Born in Sydney in 2011 we have built a team of vastly experienced principals supported by purpose-built research and delivery teams.

We work to identify the top 20% in our sectors, connecting them when the right opportunity presents.

Technology People logo

In 2014

We funded and supported the start up of Novon Consulting

Novon Consulting

Novon is a specialist IT Services firm based in Sydney, Australia. We employ a highly skilled team of specialists helping customers deliver complex technology transformations across a variety of industries.
Our particular specialisation is in the digital domain within the customer loyalty and financial services industries.


In 2015

We invested in the Mitchellake Group

MitchelLake Group

The Mitchellake Group provides talent for technology driven innovation.
The group has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, London and San Francisco. The unrivalled network provides the reach for Executive Search, Specialist Recruitment and On Site Talent for growth and innovation.
Founded in 2001 Mitchellake was an early influence in the digital transformation movement and has worked with the most exciting brands on the planet. XG invested to support growth and provide advisory services.


In 2018

We invested in SandriWalsh Rosenberg

SWR Group

XG has invested into this New Zealand based executive search group to provide growth capital and advisory. Originally two seperate search firms XG facilitated an investment and merger to create a national growth framework. SWR have offices in Wellington and Auckland and since 2015 have been independently building a reputation as a key partner for companies needing leadership for transformation and growth. The Founders are amongst New Zealand most experienced in the market and have built credentials second to none.



With matching values and a commitment to collaboration we work with Liberty and Lonispace for business development and services. Alongside our other companies we are able to offer our clients 'fit for purpose' services in this cooperative model.


In 2019

we launched a new office in Melbourne expanding Technology People and bringing in fresh investment

Sydney Office

Melbourne Office

Wellington Office